Waterway & Ecosystem Restoration

Communities, counties, watershed groups, industry, and agriculture are being tasked with restoring and protecting water resources. A thorough understanding of the ecological environment, including physical, chemical and biotic components, is needed for successful environmental restoration. Our approach to restoration blends our in-depth understanding of water science and ecological functions with practical, field-tested experience. Our interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers create restoration strategies and designs that reflect measurable, sustainable solutions for our clients.

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Tremendous progress has been made in reducing water pollution and improving water quality over the last four decades. However, many system-wide problems still exist. Tens of thousands of water bodies are currently listed as impaired in the United States. Loss of critical floodplain, wetland, streambank buffers and habitat as well as nonpoint source pollutant loading from urban and agricultural lands have contributed to the impairments. Repairing existing damage and mitigating future damages is an ongoing challenge that requires sustainable solutions. We work closely with our clients to renew and restore degraded or damaged ecosystems.

LimnoTech provides scientifically robust, integrated, and informed environmental restoration services. Our clients rely on us to provide creative and innovative solutions to address their concerns related to hydrology, water quality and biological impairments, ecosystem functions, and regulatory compliance. We have developed restoration plans and Decision Support Tools (DSTs) to identify restoration priorities that are cost-effective, practical, and ecologically functional and resilient.

We design and implement restoration projects by combining our ecological and engineering expertise, which includes ecosystem functional assessments, habitat evaluation, ecological flow development, stream restoration design and analysis, geomorphological assessment, and post-restoration monitoring and assessment. As a leader in water and environmental science for over four decades, we have helped our clients create and implement successful restoration strategies that address impacts and make a difference in our environment, often while balancing regulatory requirements, budgetary constraints and other limiting factors.

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  • Biological Community Assessment & Management

  • Dam Removal Studies

  • Decision Support Tool Development                                   (desktop, mobile, tablet, web)

  • Ecological Flow Development

  • Ecosystem Functional Assessment

  • Endangered & Invasive Species Assessment

  • Fish Passage Studies

  • Flood Mitigation

  • Flow Analysis & Management

  • Food Web Dynamics

  • Geomorphological Analysis & Design

  • Habitat Assessment & Enhancement

  • Post-Restoration Monitoring & Assessment

  • Public Outreach Education Materials

  • Restoration Focused Hydrology & Hydraulic (H&H) Modeling

  • Restoration Plan Development & Implementation

  • Stakeholder Meeting Support

  • Stream Inventory & Assessment


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  • LimnoTech is working with Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates on the redesign of Waller Creek, a highly urbanized creek in downtown Austin, Texas. Utilizing a holistic approach, we have worked with stakeholders to understand and predict creek hydrology, evaluate erosion controls, improve water quality and aesthetics, and reduce pollutant loading to attain the recreational and ecological goals for a revitalized Waller Creek and connected Chain of Parks.


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