Biological/Habitat Assessment & Management

Human activities and natural events often upset the balance of our critical ecosystem resources. LimnoTech has earned a national reputation for the scientific assessment of complex environmental issues and for finding innovative, creative, and effective solutions for our clients. We have an established history of success in the selection and design of management alternatives for enhancing our biological and habitat resources and for minimizing the impacts of resource use and development.

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Local, state, regional and federal government organizations, trustees for natural resources, industries, companies, and nonprofit organizations are challenged by complex issues surrounding living resources and their habitats. These issues extend beyond water quality and involve how living and non-living components of an ecosystem interact with each other and with humans. Human activities can impose multiple, simultaneous stresses on ecosystems that are physical (changes in flows or water levels), chemical (inputs of nutrients or toxics), or biological (invasive species). In addition, ecosystem problems are usually fraught with high levels of scientific, regulatory and legal complexity. They can involve multiple stakeholders representing environmental, hydropower, navigation, flood control, water supply, and recreational fishing and boating interests.

LimnoTech has the specialized expertise, along with a broad knowledge base, to find sustainable and cost-effective solutions based on relevant data, good science, and an in-depth understanding of ecosystem processes. We have an outstanding level of credibility with both regulators and regulated parties. Our basic approach is to synthesize data and findings from numerous studies, including new research we have conducted, into integrated conceptual and quantitative decision support tools (DSTs). Our tools can range from statistical or GIS-based data maps to complex, deterministic mass balance or ecosystem models. Regardless of the tools we use, our overarching goals are always focused on scientific understanding and management utility to ultimately, empower our clients to make informed and effective decisions.

As a leader in environmental science for over four decades, our experts offer the experience and skills needed to help our clients assess, create and implement workable strategies for identifying and addressing biological and habitat impacts on scales both large and small.

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  • Aquatic Life Use Compliance, Evaluation & Support

  • Aquatic/Riparian Habitat Survey, Assessment & Management

  • Botanical/Macroinvertebrate/Fish Survey Assessment & Management

  • Critical Habitat Factor Identification & Prioritization

  • Decision Support Tool Development (desktop, mobile, tablet, web)

  • Early Life Stage Fish Taxonomic Identification

  • Ecological Indicator Development & Assessment

  • Ecological Risk Assessment

  • Environmental Studies Incorporating Genetic Technologies

  • Habitat Restoration Effectiveness Evaluation

  • Limnological Studies

  • Long-Term Biological & Habitat Monitoring

  • Natural Resource Economic Valuation & Damage Assessment

  • Rapid Stream Bioassessment

  • Stream Channel Inventory & Assessment

  • Watershed Inventory, Assessment & Management

  • Wetland Determination, Delineation & Assessment


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    Susan Barthel Columbia Slough Watershed Council


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